What is it?

The WZA Online Challenge & Qualifier is both, is two parts: an individual and a team competition. Perform the workouts from anywhere, submit your scores on our website, and see where you stack up against the rest.

What’s the purpose?

First to unite the strength works crossfit community and provide an opportunity to test our fitness on a global stage. Second, to earn a spot to compete at the WZA Fitness Festival. Note; all athletes MUST compete in the WZA Online Challenge in order to compete in Miami. Finally, it’s to do what WZA does best: celebrate fitness and this incredible community.

Individual Challenge & Qualifier
Starts September 13th

  • Three separate weeks
  • Workouts will be released on September 13th, 20th, & 27th
  • Like the CrossFit Games Open, workouts will be released on Wednesday at 8PM EST
  • Scores will be due each week on Sunday at 8PM ET

Strength Works CrossFit will be performing all workouts on Fridays for 3 Weeks starting on Sept 14th. You will be judged and scored each class. It is your responsibility to log all scores on https://www.thewodapalooza.com website.


To register click the link… https://register.thewodapalooza.com/crossfit/589/register